360 view of Square Meal Foods


The idea was inspired by a fast food bistro, employing differently able youth- speech and hearing impaired. Two first generation entrepreneur-investors, Shishir Gorle and Raja Sekhar Reddy, who believe in promoting entrepreneurship conceived the idea and took upon themselves the plan to provide gainful, sustainable and respectful employment to 500 speech and hearing impaired, through a chain of restaurants across India and beyond.

By October 2014, Squaremeal Foods was founded, to deliver the vision of creating this chain of 21 restaurants, offering cutting edge well thought-through and evolved food, whilst at the same time building capabilities amongst the speech & hearing impaired individuals. And in support came up like-minded investors putting in their hearts and hands together.

Squaremeal Foods opened their first restaurant, Mirchi & Mime in May 2015, serving modern-Indian cuisine and their second, Madeira & Mime in October 2016, a pub with world cuisine comfort food.